Típica Safari Tour

An Authentic Island Adventure!

Get ready for a thrilling off-the-beaten-path adventure into the Dominican Republic's stunning landscapes and rich culture! This jeep safari expedition promises a rare insider's glimpse into authentic island life.

We'll take you straight to a traditional village and family farm to taste exotic fruits fresh from the trees and sample locally-grown coffee and cocoa. At a local school, engage with smiling kids and gain perspective into their daily experiences. Witness first-hand the cultivation of crops like sugar cane and tobacco.

The excitement amplifies at our countryside ranch with a horseback ride along scenic trails and a revitalizing swim at a secluded beach - where a traditional Dominican lunch with drinks will reenergize you.

From sampling homegrown delicacies to immersing in rural communities to adventuring through lush vistas, our Típica Safari packs the best of the island beyond the resorts. An eye-opening voyage into Dominican culture and nature that you won't find in guidebooks!