Cocotours: Conditions of Carriage

By booking our services and paying for them, you agree to the terms below:


If you have booked a transfer where you and your traveling companions arrive on more than one flight, but wish to travel together to your destination, Cocotours will make the vehicle available based on the later flight. Our vehicle will not be available until the later arrivals are ready to board.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and precise information at the time of booking. Cocotours will not assume any responsibility for errors that you have made during the reservation process regarding the hotel name, airline schedule, or number of passengers.


Are subject to availability at the time of booking.

The customer may be required to wait for the service.


Cancellations are permitted. The cancellation fee depends on how close to the time of travel the cancellation is received. All cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation charge of 10%:

  • Up to 12 hours before the start of service - 10% cancellation fee
  • 12 hours to 6 hours before the start of service – 25% cancellation fee
  • 6 hours to 3 hours before the start of service – 50% cancellation fee
  • Less than 3 hours before the start of service – 100% cancellation fee


If your flight is cancelled, or if you have a flight amendment, or change your plans, please let us know asap so that we can make arrangements to meet you at the amended time. If you fail to inform us of a change of flight/time, and our driver and vehicle have waited for you in vain, there will be no refund.


When you make a reservation with Cocotours, we will email you a transfer voucher/confirmation. The voucher contains important information such as where to meet our driver at the airport, your pickup time back to the airport on the day you leave, where to meet the driver at the hotel, our local customer service phone numbers for calling, text messaging, or WhatsApp, and our email address.

Please have your voucher/confirmation handy to show to our driver, either in printed form or on your phone.

Cocotours transfer vouchers are non-transferable to other travelers without our consent.

The person whose name appears on the voucher confirmation should be the same person who made the reservation. Please do not make bookings for other people unless a) you are an approved travel agent or b) you have discussed this in writing with Cocotours previously. Cocotours reserves the right to deny service with no refund, in cases where the lead passenger on the voucher is not travelling.


If pickup is from the airport, Cocotours will track your flight online so that your driver and vehicle will be waiting for you no matter how long you are in immigration or customs.

If pickup is not from an airport, but from a hotel, villa etc., our driver will wait for you for up to 20 minutes after the assigned pickup time. If you have not appeared, the driver will leave, no money will be refunded.

Pickup times for travel to the airport are assigned by Cocotours in advance and are listed on your voucher. We strongly suggest that you do not request a change and keep the suggested pickup time. If you decide to change the pickup time back to the airport, it will be at your own risk. Cocotours will not assume any responsibility if you encounter an issue with your flight due to a vehicle breakdown, flat tire, heavy traffic, accident on the road or anything else that could delay your arrival to the airport.


Cocotours permits the equivalent of 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on per passenger. If you intend to bring more luggage, please contact Cocotours in advance so that we can quote a price for additional baggage.

Please check that you have not left anything behind in our vehicle. Cocotours will do our best to help where items have been left behind, but you may be required to wait and pay for the delivery of any found items. Keep in mind that our vehicles do multiple trips every day and a lost item may already be several hours’ drive away at the time it is found.

Having completed a transfer, our drivers are trained to check that no items have been left behind. However, our drivers are not responsible for any luggage or articles left behind. For transfers from a hotel, it is the hotel's bellboys/porters who load the luggage into our vehicles. Please ensure your luggage is in our vehicle before our vehicle departs.


Cocotours can provide child seats for a fee, bookable on our website. To avoid this charge, you may bring your own child seats.

Article 69 of Law 63-17 of the Dominican Republic governs traffic and road safety in the Dominican Republic, and specifically covers child restraint systems and states:

"The use of retention systems, seats and/or restraint devices appropriate for height and weight is obligatory for children under twelve (12) years of age."

Fines are established for non-compliance, though enforcement has been gradual.


Due to the large volume of services, sometimes we are forced to subcontract transport companies allied to Cocotours. As a result, the vehicles are not always labelled with the Cocotours name, nor will the drivers always be wearing a Cocotours uniform.